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I'm Tom. I'm someone who always has a project going, or two, or three. My house, my garage, and my office have piles of notes, materials, drawings, printouts, and tools ready to go to use. My family and friends are sometimes silly enough to ask me to build them something, and they receive-while not perhaps exactly the thing they expected-something unique, maybe a little over-powered, and straight from the deepest parts of my creative heart.

I build furniture, computers, and electronics. I design logos, artwork, and websites. I love to learn things: flying airplanes, playing piano and guitar. And I can get lost in libraries for hours. I'm not sure that I do any of it particularly well, but I sure have a lot of fun doing it.

Welcome, and I hope you find some inspiration, humor, and camaraderie here.

A few notes about this website for those who are interested:

I grew up with computers and was lucky enough to have access to university computer labs as a teen in the early nineties. I cut my teeth on Usenet, gopher, and telnet. I had subscriptions to Delphi, Prodigy, and Compuserve. My first web browser was Netscape Navigator, and my first search engine was Webcrawler. No one could have imagined that the internet would do everything it can do today, but I also miss the basics. Some content, some organization, and no advertisements. I have found a few pages like that, and it is like some sort of cyber-breath of fresh air though I feel like an old man yelling at kids to "Get off my lawn!" So this site will have no ads, few photos, and just content. The content is here for you, not to sell you stuff. Enjoy!

Thanks to HTML Dog for helping me get started!

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